Garlic Project

Our Garlic Project

All Things Food and The House of Lazarus have partnered to start a mini social enterprise of growing garlic for sale in Dundas County.  Read below for more details on how the project is progressing!

A Timeline of Our Garlic Project

  • June 2011: A local family generously donated a portion of their property in Chesterville for the project and tilled the land for us.  Local, composted goat manure was added to the soil, and buckwheat seed, a green manure, was planted.
  • July-August 2011: We harvested the garlic that was grown at the House of Lazarus, and also received a donation of bulbs from a local grower (Reichert’s Gardens).  We cured the garlic in our warehouse for approximately 2 weeks, and then moved it into storage.
  • October 2011: The land in Chesterville was prepared into beds, and we planted ~150 heads (approximately 700 cloves) of garlic.  Garlic was also planted at The House of Lazarus Community Garden plot in Mountain.

Martin preparing the beds for planting in fall, 2011.

  • November 2011: Both garlic beds were covered with a layer of straw for the winter.
  • April 2012:  We removed the majority of the straw from on top of the garlic beds, leaving some to act as a mulch.
  • June – early July 2012: We harvested the garlic scapes from the plots, using the scapes in workshops and also donating them to the North Dundas Green Food Bag Program.
  • Late July 2012: We harvested over 750 garlic bulbs from both plots, and hung up the garlic to dry in our warehouse for a 2 week period to allow the garlic to cure.

Harvesting our garlic in July, 2012.

Photos of the Project

Check out our Facebook album of the project to view photos of the project as it progresses!

Project Sponsors

Our garlic project would not be possible without the following persons:

  • Jack & Mary Durant of Chesterville, ON for their generous donation of land and their assistance with the garlic project.
  • Devorah Belinsky of Elma, ON for her original donation of garlic that started the project and for sharing resources on how to grow garlic.
  • Martin Reichert of Morewood, ON for sharing his great knowledge of garlic growing and helping us to plant and harvest the garlic.
  • Rev. Christine Lowson and Rev. Linda Harrison for helping us to plant the garlic.

Garlic Growing & Preserving Resources

Click here for a variety of resources on growing and preserving garlic.

For More Information on The Garlic Project:

Contact the All Things Food Coordinator by e-mail at dana(at) or by phone at 514-944-7152.

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