Gleaning Project

What is it?

Gleaning allows for a secondary harvest of food that would otherwise be left in the fields.  The produce is usually left behind because:

  • The crops are overabundant
  • The produce was missed by mechanical harvesters
  • The produce is too ripe or can’t sell fast enough
  • The size or shape of the produce isn’t acceptable
  • It’s no longer cost-effective for farmers to harvest

Farmers and gardeners agree to host agencies to glean the secondary harvest, and gleaning participants harvest the vegetables or fruit for themselves or donate the produce to food banks or other food programs.

When does it take place?

All Things Food will be contacting agencies to participate once farmers and gardeners have provided dates for gleaning.  Agencies then choose a date and time to glean and communicate this to All Things Food, who acts as the liaison with the farmer or gardener.

How do I become involved?

If you’d like to glean this summer or fall or would like more information on gleaning, contact the Coordinator of All Things Food at: 514-944-7152 or e-mail info(at)

Gleaning Resources for Agencies and Producers

Click here to access our gleaning resources, such as “Gleaning 101 for Farmers and Gardeners”, “Setting up a Gleaning Event 101” and gleaning activity reports!

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