Healthy Food, Healthy Kids

Healthy Food, Healthy Kids

What is it?

Thanks to funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, All Things Food/Bouffe 360° is assisting local organizations (outside of school settings) to make healthy food choices and institute healthy food policies for feeding children.

Healthy Food, Healthy Kids project partners aim to work in collaboration with community groups and agencies in the United Counties of SD&G to support them in providing nutritious food and beverages whenever and wherever they are offered to children and youth.



Creating Healthy Food Tools: A series of nutrition tools, including healthy beverage & snack recipes and meal ideas for special events, were developed to assist child and youth organizations in making healthy choices on an everyday basis.  Click here to access the nutrition tools on our Resources Page!

Hosting Skill-Building Workshops: All Things Food held a workshop in December, 2010 to show organizations some of the quick, easy and healthy snacks that they could make for children and youth.  All Things Food also held a workshop in March 2011 to assist local children and youth organizations in developing healthy food policies.

Learning About How to Create Effective Policies: In March 2011, the Toronto Health Communications Unit (TCHU) taught members of the Healthy Food, Healthy Kids Committee how to create and implement effective policies.  The TCHU’s PowerPoint notes can be accessed here.

Call to Action: Read our call to action for leaders in community settings in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry here. We challenge our community leaders to creating a healthier food environment in our community!

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