Our local Food and Agriculture Advisory Council

Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Cornwall, Akwesasne Food and Agriculture Advisory Council

Advisory Council Background

  • The Advisory Council was established in June, 2017 as a formal effort to advance food and agriculture economic and community strategic planning in Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SDG), Cornwall, and Akwesasne.  
  • The structure, membership, and goals of the Advisory Council stem from several years of research and partner recommendations within the All Things Food Network (ATF), as well as the recent SDG Agriculture Sector Analysis report and SDG 2017 Economic Development and Communications Strategic Plan.
  • To allow for focused coordination, facilitation, and implementation of the Advisory Council goals, short-term funding was secured by the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area (SDC) through the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) to hire a new Food and Agriculture Development Officer (FADO) for the region.  As per the terms of the grant, the FADO works as a staff of ATF under the umbrella of the SDC.

Advisory Council Overview, Structure, Membership and Mandate

  • The Advisory Council is comprised of 18 members (56% female 44% male) representing a variety of interests:
    • Farmers
    • Producers
    • Business owners (both retailers and restaurants)
    • Employment boards
    • Educational institutions
    • Healthcare institutions
    • Recreation
    • Municipal
    • Tourism
  • From a farming and production standpoint the council represents many sectors, including organics, cash crops, dairy, indoor farming, fresh produce, honey, and maple syrup.This visual demonstrates the geographical representation of the council:
  • The council is working over a period of 18 months (starting June, 2017 until December 2018) to investigate agriculture and agri-food challenges and opportunities within the region in order to establish a comprehensive strategic action plan for SD&G, Cornwall and Akwesasne. The council is set to meet 14 times over the course of the grant.

Advisory Council Membership

  • Advisory Council Members:
    • Pam Phillips – Avonmore Berry Farm  
    • Steven Byvelds – Bycrest Farms
    • Michael MacGillivray – Community Futures Development Corporation
    • James Loucks – The Community Market
    • Martha Woods – Eastern Ontario Training Board
    • Tom Manly – Homestead Organics
    • Stephen Burgess – Honey from the Glen
    • Angela Coleman – Sand Road Maple Sugar Camp
    • Deborah Stava – St. Lawrence College
    • Jim Wert – Stanlee Farms
    • Julia Graham – The Quirky Carrot
    • Josh Biemond – Upper Canada Creamery
    • Anne Leduc – Township of North Glengarry
    • Dan Pettigrew – Winchester Foodland
    • Lezlie Strasser- Cornwall and area Chamber of Commerce
    • Louise Quenneville – Glengarry Memorial Hospital
    • Lianne Acres-Hanna – Dairy Farm/Fibre shed
    • Darius White – Garden Greens Organics

Advisory Council Priorities 

  • Analysis of the Agri-Food asset map
  • Review infrastructure for processing and distribution
  • Investigate regional branding and marketing strategies
  • Increased integration of agri-tourism
  • Increased support for small-scale producers and farmers
  • Explore strategies to reduce food waste along the value-chain
  • Measure and increase local food procurement
  • Discuss a St. Lawrence College curriculum
  • Focused sector data aggregation

Advisory Council Projects

In December 2018 the council will be issuing a strategic report including recommendations for next steps for our region. If you have any questions about the council, activities, or would like to be involved, please message Gina Dragone agrifoodsdgc@gmail.com.

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