What’s your story? Featuring Rubicon Farms

The Rubicon Farm is beautifully hidden gem located in Avonmore, Ontario, within the county of North Stormont. The farm was established in 2001 by Roger and Jane Mattiuz, who together had the idea of planting 100 “experimental” blueberry bushes. That quickly turned into 1900 more plants over time, spread out over 1.5 + acres. The couple established an extensive local following over the years. After farming for many years, the couple decided to move on and recently the property was sold to new and eager owners George and Jenny McBain in June 2018. The couple originate from Vancouver and their goal is to bring organic practices to the farm. They would like to eventually turn everything into a self-sustaining production where they don’t have to rely on imported products to ensure the health of their farm.

George and Jenny have travelled the world over the course of the last few years due to work commitments that kept them busy relocating. The couple were looking for a farm to purchase over the last few years and after stumbling upon Rubicon Farms they new it was the right fit. They are thankful for the numerous visits from community members and local businesses stopping by to welcome them to the neighbourhood.

Rubicon Farms mainly has blueberries but there are also haskap berries, black raspberries, and red raspberries growing in a nearby field. The farm also has a few cherries trees in another area and while these plants aren’t very old, they are full of fruit.


Do you want to learn about the difference in berries? Go talk to a farmer! You will learn so much. Do you know what a haskap berry is? A haskap berry is also known as a honeysuckle berry. While this particular berry wasn’t in-season at the time of this interview they are said to be very juicy and delicious! Jenny says that you can easily add them to curry.


Here is a photo of the haskap berry when we visited the farm:








Here is what it looks like ready to be picked:








While taking over a farming business may seem like a big undertaking, Jenny and George are ready to take on the challenge. Stop by and you will be greeted by many smiles from Jenny and George, and their daughters Julia and Jamie.


Avonmore is located approximately 1 hour east of Ottawa making it a perfect day trip to the country. For more information about the farm please visit http://www.rubiconfarms.ca/

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Rubicon feature brought to you by Tourism SDG summer student Gabrielle Branchaud and Gina Dragone Food and Agriculture Advisory Council coordinator.

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