What’s your story?

In May 2018 the Food and Agriculture Advisory council launched a new project. The council is looking to compile a list of stories about producers, agri-food businesses, events, history, and all things agriculture related. We are looking to feature our region and highlight what makes us unique. The stories will be used as part of a social media pilot project via a series of blog features right here on the All Things Food website. The stories will be collected until November 2018 at which point the council will decide on next steps. How would we like to continue to promote the information- through continued social media promotion? A promotional resource booklet available for tourists to pick up along their travels throughout the region? A new feature to add to an online local asset map? The sky is the limit! If you have a story about your farm, business, or our region in general, please message agrifoodsdgc@gmail.com.

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