Community Kitchens Launch!

The Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry (SD&G), Cornwall, and Akwesasne Food and Agriculture Advisory Council has launched a project to use existing assets in our community- specifically infrastructure. We have newly renovated kitchen spaces which exist within our local communities that are all Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) inspected. The council is planning a series of events to use these kitchens in a new way. We are starting with events planned at the existing spaces in North Glengarry as a pilot project and would like to use the results to be able to expand to the others areas in SD&G, Cornwall and Akwesasne. So please participate in events if you can and give your input!

About the community kitchens:

The North Glengarry Community Kitchens represent shared spaces being offered to local businesses and groups looking for and EOHU inspected space to use.

North Glengarry currently has three community kitchens. They are located at:

  • Glengarry Sports Palace, 170 MacDonald Blvd, Alexandria
  • Sanfield Centre, 102 Derby St. West, Alexandria
  • Maxville & District Sports Complex, 25 Fair St. Maxville

How can this space be used?

Fully accessible community kitchens centrally located in Alexandria and Maxville, Ontario. Available for rent on a daily basis to community members, associations, and businesses. Perfectly suited for:

  • Food skills and literacy workshops
  • Food preparation and cooking classes
  • Team building events
  • Cooking and baking parties


The Community Pilot Project price is $50 per day. For an additional cost, you can also rent the adjoining hall. Non-for-profits may be eligible to rent this facility at no cost (maximum 5 visits per year).

For more information about the Community Kitchen Pilot and how to get involved please message:

To book a space please message:

or call (613)662-2765



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