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Join the Eastern Ontario Locateers – Locavoles de l’est ontarien Facebook group!

The All Things Food Network and the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network are always looking for new Locateers (local volunteers) to help promote and support the amazing food that is grown and/or produced in Eastern Ontario.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Community event planning and facilitation;
  • Local Food Map promotion and content updates;
  • Social media and guest blogging on our websites;
  • Attending and reporting on local food events in your community;
  • SDG Green Food Box coordination and promotion;
  • Gleaning program coordination and promotion;
  • Helping to research best and promising practices to inform our network’s efforts; and
  • Anything else you have in mind to promote and support our local producers!

What you should expect as a volunteer:

  • Opportunities to learn about and support your local food system;
  • A supportive community for you to share and develop your local food ideas;
  • An outlet for your creativity and passion for food;
  • Flexible hours and levels of commitment – you decide how much you can contribute and when; and
  • Fantastic Local Food!

If these opportunities and benefits excite you, then this volunteer group is for you.  Join the Eastern Ontario Locateers – Locavoles de l’est ontarien Facebook group today to learn about the various ways that you can help out.  Everyone is welcome!


Other Volunteer Opportunities

South Dundas, North Stormont and Cornwall Green Food Box Programs

Green Food Box volunteers are needed one day per month, for a time commitment of 1-3 hours, to help pack and distribute the Green Food Boxes. Additional opportunities are also available with the program, depending on the site.

North Dundas Green Food Bag volunteers helping to pack the Green Food Bags

To Inquire about Volunteering, Contact:


Other Ideas on How to Get Involved

  • You can give your TIME. Volunteers are always needed to assist with community gardens, to volunteer at soupkitchens, to help out with student nutrition programs, to glean produce from nearby orchards and farms, to participate in food working groups…the opportunities are endless!
  • You can provide SPACE – such as kitchen facilities for a Community Kitchen or workshop, or a plot of land for a Community Garden.
  • You can donate FOOD to any program.  Donate healthy canned or dried goods and fresh produce to your local food bank and soup kitchens.
  • You can donate SUPPLIES – for gardens: soil, seeds, potting soil, mulch, gardening tools.  For Community Kitchens: household appliances, utensils, pots and pans, or other items that are in good condition.
  • You can be a DRIVER.  If you have a vehicle, you can help those who don’t by taking them to their Community Garden plot or Community kitchen, or to a food bank, farmer’s market or grocery store.
  • You can be a SPONSOR.  Often Community Kitchens, Community Gardens, and School Nutrition Programs rely on a sponsor who can provide ongoing financial support.


To discuss your volunteering interests further, please contact the All Things Food coodinator at info(at)

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